Game ON promo imageWatch my documentary with tptMN Game ON: Women Can Coach!  which premiered November 2018. See the short “Women in Sport Leadership” that was part of the PBS Online Film Festival here.

In this 13mn video I summarize some of the groundbreaking work we’ve done to highlight and celebrate the 25 anniversary of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport.

Changing the Narrative for Women Coaches. A video of my keynote for the 2018 Women Coaches Symposium.

Listen to my podcasts with MomEnough! The first podcast is Being a Good Sport Parent: Practical Guidance on Bringing Out the Best in Your Young Athlete.   In the second podcast on sport parents  we discussed youth sports, questioned many assumptions, called out unhelpful parental behavior and challenged parents to step up and use proven approaches to help children reap optimal benefits of organized sports. To listen to the second podcast: Youth Sports, Child Health and Character Development: Candid Reflections and Practical Tips from Dr. Nicole LaVoi.

LaVoi gives 2016 Tucker Center Distinguished Lecture, Paradox, Pitfalls, & Parity: Where Have all the Women Coaches Gone?

LaVoi gives TEDx talk at Gustavus Adolphus college TEDx in 2015, Now You See Her, Now You Don’t, about the unfulfilled promise of sports for girls and women.

Media Coverage & Female Athletes: Women Play Sports, Just Not in the Media (December, 2013). Click here to watch.

Concussions & Female Athletes: The Untold Story (November, 2011). Click here to watch.

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