Examples of Sport Rarely Seen

eyesightThis morning I was doing some “warm-up activities” (aka getting ready to do real work by surfing the Web) and came across the most interesting video of Synchronized Cycling posted on the Pretty Tough website. I had to post this spectacular sport! I found it even more interesting given a discussion I had in my undergraduate sport sociology class yesterday. Students had to defend and give rationale for implementing a new Varsity Sport in their school–Double Dutch Jump Rope or Roller Hockey. 100% of the students chose Roller Hockey (ok ok, Minnesota is the “State of Hockey” so that might of biased them a bit).

Reasons given against jump rope: it was mostly for girls, it was too subjective so it would be hard to determine who “won,” it wouldn’t bring in revenue or fans, and it disadvantaged those with lesser skill. It was a fascinating debate. Then I showed the a video of the 2009 National Jump Roping Championships, Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle and Single Rope Freestyle. I love my job.

When I watch these videos, the pure fun and enjoyment of the athletes is apparent. The spectators are not unruly or yelling or booing competitors. What a nice contrast to most of what we see on mainstream sport media.

(picture from here)

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