An Unlikley Place to Find Gender

How many ways is gender constructed in this picture?

Last night I was watching TV and saw an ad for Depend undergarments that had a “Mars-Venus” ring to it. I thought is was strange, but when I went to their website this morning, the print ad I saw was even more disturbing. I know this isn’t sport related (although the male is playing golf!), but I had to include it. If there was ever a doubt that gender is constructed, this would be an exemplar! I’ve included the print ad here, but I’d encourage you to go visit the website just to get the full effect (click on picture to enlarge and get the best look).

How many ways is the dominant, traditional way of thinking about “gender as binary” constructed in this screen shot? What I find interesting, aside from the obvious, is that we rarely see gender (re)constructed for the Boomers.

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