Should ESPN’s Kornheiser Be Fired?

Amidst the Olympic fanfare, last week ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser made comments about the attire of colleague Hannah Storm, ESPN SportsCenter co-anchor, on his Washington radio show.

Kornheiser, opined that Storm was wearing a “horrifying, horrifying outfit” and a “very, very tight shirt,” adding that she “looks like she has sausage casing wrapping around her upper body.”  ESPN confirmed that Kornheiser has been suspended for two weeks from his duties on Pardon the Interruption.

What do you think about this? Comment here and vote in this poll.

4 Replies to “Should ESPN’s Kornheiser Be Fired?”

  1. How does the fact that Storm is a lesbian factor into all of this? Maybe Kornheiser is just jealous. I have seen far worse outfits on female commentators–pretty much everything that Pam Shriver wears, for example. Men have it easy. They put on a suit and decide whether the occasion warrants a tie or not. Women’s sartorial choices are always under greater attack.


  2. I personally can’t stand Tony but he voiced what many people, including many men, are thinking. Can’t she wear normal clothing to report sporting news? She is a very good reporter and doesn’t need to dress like that to be credible.


  3. Really, Hannah. When will women like her stop trying to impress everyone with how they look and let their talent and expertise shine. If she has to dress provacatively, maybe she should go back to writing self-help books–not that she has anything to say that seems important.


  4. I like this suspension. Not so much for what he said, but because he said it about a colleague who works in the company. If I was running ESPN or any workplace, I certainly wouldn’t stand for that. Keep your fashion critiques to people outside the company, that’s just common sense.


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