One Sport Voice goes to Blogs With Balls 3.0

Today I’m heading to Chicago to attend the Blogs With Balls 3.0 Conference and be part of theYou Gotta Fight for Your Right…to Blog: An Ethical and Legal Primer on Sport Media in 2010″ panel. I’m on this panel with some very well known sports bloggers (insert the Sesame Street song…”one of these kids doesn’t belong here”).


I’m not exactly sure what we are tackling but some of the issues we’ll likely discuss from our varying opinions include: LeBron’s mom-Delonte West, coverage of the Hundley-Phillips relationship, Ben Roethlisberger, and FCC pending law on regulating political blog content and other exciting topics! What we won’t be talking about is the Kagan-softball-lesbian “issue” or how women’s ice hockey in the Olympics is continuing to be assaulted, the NCAA Women’s College World Series, or Venus Williams’ 2010 French Open outfit.

Stay tuned for post-conference thoughts.

p.s.- the bidding for One Sport Voice starts at six figures…

photo from here

2 Replies to “One Sport Voice goes to Blogs With Balls 3.0”

  1. I find it funny you are so sensitive about womens’ issues like Venus’ outfit or reading into some magazine cover or advertisement – but think nothing of going to en event called “Blogs with Balls” and promoting it with the photo you do.

    I’m offended


  2. Awesome photo! Hope you were able to get your critical feminist two cents in!

    Don’t worry. I got the irony of it all!
    Thanks for taking one for the team.


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