Part II: Changing the Narrative for Women Sport Coaches

In Part I of this series I outlined why the way women sport framescoaches are framed is often problematic.  For example there are many popular narratives about why the percentage of women coaches remains stagnant, and many of them blame women. When women are blamed, the system AROUND the women does not have to change.

Below is a list of common “blame the women” narratives I have compiled over the last 10+ years in doing research, advocacy and education for women sport coaches. Through my research I, and others, collect data that dispels or supports these narratives. Based on existing data, I can tell you very little data exists to support these narratives (although there is a LOT of anecdotal evidence and individual opinions, but that doesn’t mean the narrative(s) is true).BLAME THE WOMAN slide

If you know of data the helps dispel or support any of these narratives, please let me know! ( In my next blogs I will provide counter narratives to this list above.  #SHECANCOACH


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