Women & Girls in Sport Mini-Quiz

Exam 2l I had to put together a little quiz on girls and women in sport, so I thought I’d post it here. Take this 5 questions quiz WITHOUT Googling and I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

Women & Girls Sport Quiz

1. In what year was the federal law Title IX passed that required gender equity in every educational program that receives federal funding?
2. Who is the greatest female golfer from Minnesota who co-founded and was the first president of the
3. Which governing body of college sport was the largest in the late 1970s?
4. She defeated Bobby Riggs (a former men’s Wimbledon champion) in a tennis match and founded the Women’s Sport Foundation.
5. Which female Olympian in the summer games has the most gold medals?

ANSWERS: 1) 1972, 2) Patty Berg, 3) AIAW has >100 more members than the NCAA, 4) Billie Jean King, 5) Jenny Thompson has 8 gold medals.

A Little Break

I’ll be taking a little break from the blog this week while I spend time at the cabin…a Minnesotan’s favorite place.

Selling Sex Does NOT Attract Men to Women’s Sport

I just saw a short video as a result of a Twitter from the WNBA. The power of social media at work for one “opt-in” follower! The video is by Mr. Alex Chambers, a self-proclaimed avid WNBA fan who also Twitters, and blogs. Yes, I said “Mr”!

I’m posting this because Mr. Chambers is a prime example of my previous point that sex does not sell women’s sport, it sells sex (not sport) to young men….and alienates and/or offends female sport fans. If women’s professional sport leagues want attract the coveted demographic–young male sport fans–they have to do a better job of selling athletic competence.

Notice in Mr. Chambers’ video, not once does he mention how attractive, sexy, feminine, or motherly the players are. He loves BASKETBALL and he loves the WNBA. 0908jack-black-wnba200I agree with him there are more male fans out there like him….and more that would likely become women’s sport fans if it was marketed differently or deemed “cool” and acceptable by males in general (like if Jack Black pictured here were at a Sparks game…I’m not sure if he is or isn’t at a WNBA game). Keep up the good work Alex Chambers…I can’t wait to hear more about your “journey” this summer. On similar note, the WNBA is about to fully release their new marketing campaign “Expect Great”. The title sounds promising!