The Sport Media’s Role in Promoting Femininity: An Example in Women’s Tennis

feminine tennisA picture tells a thousand words and this picture is a perfect example of when female athletes are covered in the media, it is often in ways that highlight femininity-rather than athletic competence. For more on this subject read here, here, or here.

4 Replies to “The Sport Media’s Role in Promoting Femininity: An Example in Women’s Tennis”

  1. I wish tennis were the only example of sexist media coverage, but alas, it is just one of several. (That said, I almost wish we could be complaining about this for more sports, since there are only a few women’s sports that get any coverage at all!) As a recent example, I started following the Twitter and daily email feeds of Len Berman, former local NYC newscaster who was recently downsized from WNBC. He now sends out an email each day with “sports blasts.” Though he’s admittedly known for his humor, it’s rare that he reports on a serious female athlete without it involving something regarding their looks, their breasts, their grunting (in tennis in particular), etc. I actually called him on it and he basically was like, whatever: I’m catering to the masses. So frustrating….


  2. I have to say it is all fine and dandy (as my grandmother would say) that these newscasters like Len Berman could make a statement like ‘I’m catering for the masses’, I think he should of said ‘I’m catering for the sex perverts’. Because I don’t think true sports fans cares about Kobe Bryant looks or the color of Noel Ryan’s eyes, or the color of Venus Williams’ s skin as long as they are producing good results in their sports. To true sports fans, sports is all about winning and as long as these athletes are doing that, true sports fans will always rally behind them. While the maniac perverted sex newscasters are busy worrying about women athletes sexuality, the Chinese women are busy improving in their sport and continually finding a way to kick our asses like they did in Beijing in 2008. To the Chinese their athletes are about athletic excellence not sexuality, their example is what sports is really about, and let’s not change that! Our sports newscasters should take a page from their book. Thanks for the opportunity to respond!


  3. Yeah, just yesterday Berman sent out another blurb though his site about the “babes on center court” on the tennis court and I had to call it quits. Enough is enough!


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