Example of Reproducing Traditional Gender Roles in Soccer

This example comes from Fox Soccer.com titled Soccer Wives and Girlfriends. Why this is on a sport website is interesting food for thought. I looked for “Soccer Husbands  and Boyfriends” on the WPS website but (thankfully) did not find any. It is picture essays like this that relegate women to the sidelines. Not to mention only including pictures of male soccer player’s female partners and companions is not very inclusive.

One Reply to “Example of Reproducing Traditional Gender Roles in Soccer”

  1. Same thing here. It’s as if female soccer players are too intimidating to men, especially non-athletic men, but actor John Cusack is said to have dated Heather Mitts but female soccer players in traditional countries like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and Italy, for example, aren’t so lucky when it comes to men because men in those countries are often intimidated by women who play fast and rough sports, except tennis, like a Brazilian female soccer player whose husband was Ronaldo who plays on the men’s team. The only way female soccer players can attract more men, especially handsome, famous non-athletic ones is if they wear short shorts and tight shirts while playing on the field, unfortunately.


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