3 Letters Make A Big Difference for WNBA’s Taurasi

Does anyone else find it ironic that WNBA player  Diana Taurasi of the Phoenix Mercury went from DUI in July to 2009 WNBA MVP in  September and WNBA Champion in October? Perhaps more interesting is that the DUI was rarely  mentioned at all in the last few weeks of the WNBA playoffs. What are your thoughts on this? I’m mixed. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking.

One Reply to “3 Letters Make A Big Difference for WNBA’s Taurasi”

  1. The DUI, in fact, was mentioned occasionally. As an issue, it’s died down a bit, but after this high of winning the championship, Diana has to face the court and possible jail time. No point talking about it if it’s inevitable, I guess.

    Anyway, her awards were for her performance on the court, not off it. She’ll probably want to get through this tough time as far away from the spotlight as possible. If possible.


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