The 3G’s (as in Great) of Effective Coaching

My last blog post outlined the “3C’s” (as in Champion) of coaching, this blog is about the 3G’s (as in Great).

GAC HOF 016_Wilk cropThe 3G’s are not mine, but a creation of Steve Wilkinson, former men’s tennis coach of Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. Wilk has a unique philosophy which has allowed him to become the most winningest coach of collegiate tennis, whom I’ve written about in a previous blog. The ironic thing is that nothing in his philosophy has to do directly with winning. Wilk was inducted into the Gustavus Athletic Hall of Fame this weekend, along with my teammate Amy (McCrea) Morrell. In his speech Wilk talked about the 3G’s–gifts, grace, and gratitude.

The 3G’s are a great compliment to the 3C’s, as coaching is a gift for which we should be grateful, and one we are allowed to do by grace.¬† This is by far a simple explanation for the eloquent words Wilk uses to describe his coaching career. I’m certain there will be more blogs on this topic in the future.

2 Replies to “The 3G’s (as in Great) of Effective Coaching”

  1. I enjoyed reading your column about Steve Wilkinson.It reminded me of a quote recently from John Wooden ,I could not remember the exact quote. I googled . I found it and several others that were worth reflecting on . . I had a copy of Coach Woodens’ Pyramid of Success also you do not see or hear much about it any more .


    1. John, Thanks for the quote link, I always love good quotes, and I use the Wooden pyramid in the Psychology of Coaching class…it is a classic! Thanks for reading the blog! -nml


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