#WIN Women Make Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey players Angela James and Cammi Granato have been voted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Let’s also not forget that Angela Ruggiero earned her place in the Hockey Hall of Fame as the first brother-sister duo to play pro hockey together.

In most of the press about James can Granato, their hockey achievements have been featured alongside their credentials as mothers and wives (see below), while the same attention to the father-husband roles of former NHL player Dino Ciccarelli is absent. The reporting of irrelevant gender roles should at least be consistent across male and female athletes.

“James is now a mother of three children and works as a sports co-ordinator at Seneca College in Toronto.

Granato, who lives in Vancouver and is married to former NHL player Ray Ferraro, is the only woman to participate in each of the first nine women’s world championships sanctioned by the IIHF.”

To view entire article click here.

One a separate but related note, as one reader pointed out, “Ironically, on the 38th anniversary of the passage of Title IX, I have only seen men’s soccer matches on tv. Sigh.”

One Reply to “#WIN Women Make Hockey Hall of Fame”

  1. So annoying – I know it’s an extra challenge to raise children as well as doing sport but why do we need to know? It is I suppose an improvement on the days when Granato would have been referred to as ‘Mrs Ray Ferraro’ ??


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