Two physical activity opportunities for women

Somedays are just more strange than others.

Today, two separate people sent me links to two different non-traditional physical activity opportunities for women. I had never heard of either.

1. Exoterobics…a combo of adult entertainment and aerobics.

2. The High Heel-A-Thon promoted by Regis and Kelly. You can see a video of the “race” here, in which ironically, a U.S. Women’s Rugby team member wins the race.

Do you think events and classes like the two examples above help or hinder the promotion of women in sport? Why or why not?

2 Replies to “Two physical activity opportunities for women”

  1. I like to accentuate positives so: I like the fact that there are classes directed towards women to promote self confidence… I also think good sexual health (vague phrase, yes, but go with it) is as important as good physical and emotional health so: it is good that there are classes that try to address confidence, and sexual confidence specifically, with women. The reality is that some women out there might enjoy that pole dancing activity, learning, and/or bonding time, and it might fit their personalities by seeming fun and/or giving them some confidence.

    Consider pole dancing a sport, however, is a big “N”-“O”, and if it is to be deemed one then it hinders women’s sports. I heard that someone proposed it could be an Olympic sport. America’s Got Talent seemed more appropriate.

    The big yet simple test of whether this sport is good for women is to think of how I would discuss it with my 12 to 13-year old or players if we were to watch some together. I would not find it something to aspire to, and in fact I would “worry” about the girls that truly expressed an interest or anything more than momentary intrigue. I would try not to bash or make judgements about the women participating, but doing pole dancing would not get coach’s endorsement. I don’t really think they would expect or want it to either.

    A last thought on the pole dancing is that it seems like a dangerous place to go in terms of a being a subjective female judged sport. Female sports like gymnastics and figure skating (judged much on figure & grace) are notorious environments for developing poor self-image and triggering eating disorders (I’m not saying EDs are limited to these sports). Bodybuilding/fitness/figure contests is notorious for corruption in judging (relationships amongst judges). For the sake of the athletes, please no pole dancing!

    And, yes, Regis and Kelly should on some level be ashamed.


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