The LFL…that stands for The Lingerie Football League

lfl_logoThe LFL…short for The Lingerie Football League…should really be short for “LaFf out Loud”. Please take a look at The LFL website if you haven’t yet. LFLMany of you who read this blog probably already know what my response to this might be. But first you should see some recent practice pictures featured on Honestly I don’t even know where to start the critical commentary…the team names, the uniforms, the photo gallery, the concept…..(sigh).

If this league survives and thrives, then I guess we all have more data to help us answer the burning question “Does sex sell women’s sport?” What do YOU think about The LFL?

8 Replies to “The LFL…that stands for The Lingerie Football League”

  1. ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME?? I am sure this is what all mothers and fathers aspire for their daughters…to some day be in a suite watching their daughter play “football” in their bra and panties. Classy.

    My question is, who is backing this nonsense? I would expect Maxim, Victoria Secret, Playboy, Hooters, Trojan, etc.

    This is another beautiful (read with sarcastic tone) example of how capitalism often leaves people in the dust with little thought of the impact of actions beyond the monetary gain.

    So there is a fantasy football league component to this league…interesting, this is the equivalent of betting on which porn star will complete which sexual manuever. Honestly, I am sure some tickets will be sold with hopes of witnessing a “wardrobe malfunction” (thanks Janet). Think about it this league is the equivalent of male models playing football in g-strings. Would we ever see this? I don’t think so.

    Maybe we will be lucky (again read with sarcasm) and Danica Patrick, Amanda Beard, etc will “cross train” in this league. They’ve been honing their stripping skills in front of the camera for years.

    This league even had “try outs.” I can only imagine what the skills test included. I use the word skill loosely because I am thinking the “athletes” had to show their best seductive eyes while calling a play, displaying their aggressive bend over and crotch shots for the camera, licking the water bottle during a time out, and catching a ball inbetween their breasts while making a girlish sexual squeal with delight.

    Good luck to you Lingerie League. Congrats on securing many prominent commercial airtime and mentions in mainstream sport media already. I suggest calling the Pussy Cat Dolls. Maybe they can be your spokeswomen.


  2. Upon hearing of the LFL I was immediately drawn in by the pure absurdity of the entire situation—my attention captured much in the same way that it would be if I were to drive past some horrific car crash. Having taking a fair amount of time to convince myself that this was not some elaborate farce, I set out to uncover some additional information on the LFL. Anticipating that a visit to the LFL’s “official” website would provide me with little more than a photogallery of women in their underwear, I chose to seek out some information from an unofficial source – Wikipedia. Although Wikipedia’s postings are not always entirely factual, I felt that this information would provide me with more reliable data in comparison to the photo gallery of sex and football that is the LFL official website.

    According to Wikipedia, the LFL was born of the “Lingerie Bowl” a pay-per-view alternative to the Superbowl halftime show that aired in 2004. The LFL consisted of four “teams” in 2005 and it was just recently announced that it will expand to ten “teams” for the 2009-2010 season.

    Do these women truly believe that they belong to genuine athletic teams? Are they really so clueless that they don’t realize they are simply a marketing ploy for whoever is profiting from these LFL “games”?

    This whole situation makes me think of commentary that I was recently listening to on a morning radio show. In a sarcastic tone that was intended to highlight the absurdity of the situation the DJ exclaimed something like, “Wow, we men sure have it figured out. We have somehow convinced women that by taking off their clothes they are empowering themselves.” Sure, there is some sense of freedom gained by dressing how you want when you want to do so. However, is prancing around in almost no clothing and classifying yourself as some sort of sexual object truly the best means by which to gain such freedom? Personally I feel it would be far more empowering to throw on a uniform and play an actual sport.


  3. The league announced it would play with ten teams in its 2009-2010 season. They are scheduled to play one game every Friday night from September 4, 2009 to January 29, 2010, for a total of four games for each team over the course of a 20-week season.


  4. Ah come on, its all about selling tickets, if anything its a new creative way of seeing young fit girls sporting their assets, and if their also good at football then its not so bad. I think this beats women just becoming strippers, since this way they keep some dignity and might even become superstars in their own right. Chill out peoples. Nothing wrong with beauty and sport mixing it up!


  5. I honestly don’t see a damn thing wrong with this. Then again I love women, which I honestly cant say for the rest of the critical world about this. If you want to play football as a woman… good luck. Put on a bra and panties and play football, you’ll be sending your kids to the best colleges. Whats the difference between this and putting on makeup and doing your hair and trying to look as appealing as possible for a job interview? neither is quite professional in my honest opinion. looks shouldnt have anything to do with the hiring process, and those girls who have to pile on tons of makeup and etc to get a job making 50-60k a year are probably the ones who are truly pissed that these woman can make that and more by pure athleticism and beauty. if there were no market for it, it wouldn’t exist. so who do you blame, the women who make being beautiful the “must-have” look, or the women who exploit it?


  6. I’m taking a wild guess that the negative comments are coming from some ugly, untalented and bitter individuals. Have you seen these girls play? The majority of them have a professional athletic background. It is unfortunate but female professional athletes make a minimal fraction of men. The reason for that is understandable and that is that the women don’t bring in a big enough crowd. This league is genius because sexy women attract a crowd but the fact that these girls are the real deal and extremely talented keeps the crowd. Sorry, but I think it’s pathetic to put down a league of beautiful super athletes that obviously draw a crowd or it wouldn’t be on MTV. Why don’t you go to a game and then take your foot out of your mouth!


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