Did You Know? Videos: Hot Topics in Coaching

I put together a few Did You Know? powerpoints and turned them into short videos (1:22-1:34 in length).

One is about the scarcity of female coaches in youth sport and the other is about gender differences & similarities in coaching.

I’d love your feedback as this is a bit a work in progress. Here is what I’d like feedback on:

  • Content
  • Length
  • How could these best be used?
  • What other topics would you like to see in a DYK?
  • Any other feedback you feel is relevant.

Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

(thanks to Austin Stair Calhoun for overlaying the cool music!)

One Reply to “Did You Know? Videos: Hot Topics in Coaching”

  1. First, great blog. I am going to link to it.

    Second, My two kids are currently playing Girls Softball (Male Coach), Girls Soccer (Female Coach), Boys Baseball (Male Coach) and Boys Volleyball (Female Coach). But you are right overall most of the coaches who have coached my kids have been male.

    Regarding the presentation. The topic is thought provoking. You outlined the issue that not enough women are coaching very clearly. You state that this pattern creates and reproduces outdated gender stereotypes about women and leadership.

    I know that the youth soccer league in my town is primarily coached by male coaches. I would guess about 15-20% and this number decreases with the older age groups. I also know that every season the league scrambles to find enough coaches. They beg parents, dads or moms, to step up. There are no obstacles for moms to take this leadership position. Why do they resist? Is it a ingrained mindset that holds them back or are there real obstacles?

    I think that your presentation should explore why this is happening. Stating the issue and saying it should be changed leaves me with questions not answers.

    Hope this helps.


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