March Madness Alert

I love March Madness, but I do not love this. It isn’t cute or clever, it is just plain irritating and insulting. It makes it seem as if females can’t be serious individuals OR sport fans, or possess knowledge of basketball. If you’d like to fill out real bracket, do so here for the men and here for the women.

One Reply to “March Madness Alert”

  1. hey nicole: thanks for posting this – i will be curious to see if they post my comment on their website. it is not only gendered but also clearly heterosexist – and at the same time they use a un-named but not-so-subtle “lifestyle” form of feminism to produce this seemingly liberated, wine-drinking, young woman who still really only gets together with the girls to plan her marriage to an ncaa athlete (who is likely anywhere between 18 and 22 years old) and/or a sugar daddy coach. please!!!! your fan – kathy


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