Blatant Sexualization

I know I write quite a bit about how female athletes are sexualized in the media, and sport media in particular. Usually my posts are met with the standard “athletic bodies are sexy, get over it you stuffy academic”…but the most recent video of Serena Williams in an ad for the TopSpin 2k video game, is just too blatant to ignore. I’m just not sure how one could argue this is not sexualization and soft core porn, but I’m open to hearing other points of view.

Even if Serena herself at the end of the video says it is “just fantasy”, it doesn’t erase the fact this has very little to do with the fact she is one of the best female tennis players in the world.

In a similar vein, I’d be remiss not to also mention the new promotional ads for the Vancouver Whitecaps, a new Major League Soccer team. One writer actually got it right in saying that yes sex sells, but it is also offensive to many.

One Reply to “Blatant Sexualization”

  1. Open-mouthed here. How could she do it to herself? And yes, I am usually one of the “athletic bodies look good” brigade but this is so far from a celebration of strength and power that is, well, it’s not even on the same planet IMHO. I somehow doubt that the guys who would buy the game having watched that advert would really be looking for tennis tips!


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