Snacks & Youth Sport: What message does this send youth athletes?

snacksI’ve been thinking about snacks at youth sport events since last summer. Why?—primarily because when I asked youth sport parents what made them “angry” at their child’s sport events, snacks came up with some frequency. We thought, “Snacks? Anger? Really?” At one point we dubbed it “Snack Wars”….too many snacks, not enough snacks, the wrong snacks, who is bringing the snacks?, and who is in charge of organizing the snacks? We were quite surprised (and amused) by this emergent finding. I need your help in thinking through this issue. Why have snacks become such a common and ubiquitous part of youth sports? When did this start and why? What is your opinion about snacks at youth sport events? Leave me a comment and enlighten me. In the meantime, watch this “McDonald’s Victory” commercial on YouTube…this is what I’m talking about! What message does this send youth athletes?

2 Replies to “Snacks & Youth Sport: What message does this send youth athletes?”

  1. When I started coaching, I was told by multiple people, it’s not winning or losing that they remember, it’s the snack afterward. I wasn’t aware of the snack wars as we had a schedule for who brought the snacks each game. I think it serves to point out that winning and losing aren’t everything, or for some kids anything. It’s about participating and socialization. But, it may also inadvertantly send the message that if you are sad because you lost (or had a tough day…) you should just eat something and you will feel better. Not such a great message in a society of increasing obesity


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