3 females prevail in male sport domain

3 cheersI have a trifecta of GOOD and exciting news pertaining to girls and women in sports.

1. Justine Siegal became the first female coach in pro baseball

2. Hannah Berner has won nearly every high school tennis match she has played…all against boys.

3. In April, Mackenzie Brown was the first girl in Bayonne Little League history to throw a perfect game. She retired all 18 boys. Read a blog she wrote about the experience.

Perhaps just as noteworthy is the fact major news outlets traditionally reserved for the sporting endeavors of men, have given coverage to these stories (Boston Herald, NYT, MLB.com).

2 Replies to “3 females prevail in male sport domain”

  1. Nicole, yes, good and exciting news. The media attention is indeed telling–further evidence that when female athletes show themselves equal, if not superior, in the athletic arena, they win the media spotlight as well.

    Thanks for passing this along!


  2. As a women in sport currently, and a has-been in several boy’s leagues growing up, this was an interesting entry & a very good trend we are seeing from the lack of media exposure in the past! As I read the articles, they were extremely inspiring to me and made me think about the impact women can truely have on sport. My hope is that younger women athletes will recognize the power they have inorder to deminish the gender ideologies in sport that are so prelavent yet today.
    Also, a quick proposed question: If Justine Siegal would’ve been homosexual, would they have mentioned that in the text or just leave it out as if it didn’t matter? Instead, they made sure they mentioned all information about her family.

    Just a thought. Thanks for posting this!


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