What if the athletes were boys, not girls?

question_mark_3dIn a previous blog, I wrote about a male soccer coach in Minnesota who had his U12 elite girls’ team throw a game to the U13 girls’ team in the same club (Minnesota Thunder Academy).

A great MN female youth soccer coach I emailed with has a great point about this scenario. She writes,

Could you imagine if a coach had told a team of highly competitive boys to purposely throw a semi-final game to get an invitation to go on to a regional tournament? I believe people would be outraged – I definitely don’t think the sentiment would be “ Let’s move on, we have learned from the mistake.” This team he asked to purposely lose is a hand picked, highly skilled, immensely competitive group of girls and he asked them to bow out of a game – and most people seem to be okay with it! I can pretty much guarantee this would have NEVER happened if this was a boys team. I am not even touching on the fact that this was against any and all spoken/unspoken rules regarding coaching ethics. I am very concerned that a coach of his caliber would have his girls team lose on purpose because it was the “classy thing to do” – I ask myself would he have done this if he was coaching boys? That question hasn’t even come up in the communities because, I am saddened to say, I think most people still look at girls sports on a different level than boys. The playing field definitely does not seem to be level.”

Well said Coach!

2 Replies to “What if the athletes were boys, not girls?”

  1. I don’t know about a situation about having one of your teams lose to another from the same affiliated club, but there was the ridiculous spectacle of BOTH teams (boys, coached by men) trying to throw a game in the runup to the Little League World Series, so, yup, it’s happened with boys:


    Heck, the NBA draft lottery exists because bad teams would tank so they could get the first pick.

    I notice, though, that the coach in question in your blog post got busted down by club, even though Mark Abboud says on his blog many MTA officials and coaches were supportive to his face:



  2. Former US women’s volleyball coach Arie Sellinger hated to lose. Ask his former players. Laurel Brassey, Flo Hyman, Debbie Green, and the rest that trained their butts of in the heat of Pasadena, Texas in 1975-76. Bobby Gee Check out my blog..


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